Practice: Light Painting 2019

BACKGROUND: In 2018 I developed a work for class which experimented with shadow and light, using a semi-opaque white plastic sheeting as a medium to generate a set of shadows. While I was moderately satisfied with the outcome, I felt as though the time pressures and circumstances surrounding the installation off the work left a … Continue reading Practice: Light Painting 2019



The object of this experiment is to generate an "object of wonder" or as I like to describe it: "Machines That Do Nothing" -based on the research at UoW Innovation Campus this semester around installation artworks with an interactive/audience driven component. The theme for the work is " A Natural History Museum After an Earthquake". … Continue reading LIGHT PAINTING/ PROTOTYPE I

Making Phenakistoscopes

These are very basic animation machines derived from 19th Century innovations in home-entertainment technology.  There are a number of variations within a basic structural premise, a kinetic object displays a series of images in succession, viewed through a tiny window to create the impression of a single moving image.  It’s the same principle as film … Continue reading Making Phenakistoscopes

a critical framework for creative practice

The following are a collection of responses I just submitted for an assignment.  They cover cultural appropriation, colonisation/decolonisation, and in my own practice the deep-seeded politicisation of self-expression.  The task was limited to 1000 words, so i didn't get into it as deep as I'd like...  but it's a start... 1. Cultural Appropriation: by which … Continue reading a critical framework for creative practice