a critical framework for creative practice

The following are a collection of responses I just submitted for an assignment.  They cover cultural appropriation, colonisation/decolonisation, and in my own practice the deep-seeded politicisation of self-expression.  The task was limited to 1000 words, so i didn’t get into it as deep as I’d like…  but it’s a start… 1. Cultural Appropriation: by whichContinue reading “a critical framework for creative practice”


For the current video project will explore the influence of the following  two film works on my aesthetic and philosophical outlook as an artist: Chris Marker: SANS SOLEIL Specifically the use of voice and sound over seemingly randomised ‘home movie’ style and found footage – the juxtaposition of visual and verbal imagery generating harmony and dissonanceContinue reading “ICONS & INFLUENCES”

What We Talk About When We Talk About Art

a deeper, more inclusive public conversation For too long, public discussion around the arts has been limited to the superficial, publicity-oriented back-pages of newspapers, or ‘human-interest stories’ at the end of a news program. While few people will deny the transformative power of what artists can do – we often talk about the work in waysContinue reading “What We Talk About When We Talk About Art”