Taking this work in the next level involves introducing a bodily aspect, including shadows and projected/ mediated video. Working with a live video feed of the subject taken from behind the screen and then rebroadcast back onto the surface of the plastic give some interesting distortions. I have also continued to experiment with the photography component as an aspect of the mediated portrait, enhancing the distortions from the projection further in the still image by capturing the granular RGB components.

These initial images are self-portrait tests:

These variations combine the subject, the shadows cast by the subject, and projections of these back onto the screen. They are raw files, untreated. Notably the blue tint of my shirt seems to create a similar degree of RGB colour saturation across each photo.

These two are a further exploration of myself (as the subject) in close-up, looking into camera. I am also experimenting with casting the shadow of my hand across the projection to further distort the sheeting and images. The result is quite expressionistic and something I intend to explore further.

Within this I am working with the notion of the performance of “self”, using notions of the grotesque and exaggerated notions of the human form as well as representation of the “shadow-self” – or those parts of ourselves we keep hidden. These are early tests but taken as highly constructed still images I feel like these can be quite fascinating and I’m curious to continue the exploration further.

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