PRACTICE: light painting 2

Today I took the same approach as previous iterations of this research, except notably the plastic has been folded and creased over two weeks of storage (whereas previously it comes directly off a long roll and appears much more smooth) – casting the lamp from an angle gives a remarkable array of shadows and contours to play with.

same arrangement, taken from floor shooting upwards

I also noticed this effect was amplified by movement in the air, as the angle of the light changing slightly across the face of the plastic sheeting shows. This is even more profound when the plastic is left hanging off the floor so there is very little resistance to even the slightest change in air pressure.

same arrangement, shot from floor level directly upwards.
all the movement in the plastic is from subtle changes in air pressure

I also looked at some basic shadow play, using a second lamp and photographing the effect as the air shifted the plastic across at different angles:

twisted/ frayed rope shadows 1
layered plastic sheets with torn edges & twisted rope –
this image seems to recall a bleached out, corrupted flag

There are some interesting possibilities to explore with the layering of sheets behind multiple lamps. Where the edges of the sheets are touching creates a multiplicity of shadows and lights crossing over, and while these images are just crudely ripped edges, it seems like a good place to experiment with variation in texture and shapes down the track:

two sheets, only touching in the centre –
front sheet is smooth and when they touch the light reveals the creases in the back-sheet
detail: the torn edge of the back sheet just against the front, with two lamps

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