For the current video project will explore the influence of the following  two film works on my aesthetic and philosophical outlook as an artist:

Chris Marker: SANS SOLEIL

Specifically the use of voice and sound over seemingly randomised ‘home movie’ style and found footage – the juxtaposition of visual and verbal imagery generating harmony and dissonance with an expansive meaning. Picking up from Marker’s construction of the narration in the form of a letter/postcard from abroad, I will compose the poem in a similar way – perhaps as a letter to myself in the future?

Andrei Tarkovsky: STALKER

The key imagery within this mercurial film is of the natural world reclaiming the decaying remains of civilisation. The eponymous Stalker and his companions face an arduous and convoluted path, beset by mysterious barriers.  This concept of a path into the unknown is a central tenet of this project as a metaphor for my life and creative output.

As such I aim to emulate both of these works as an expression of my own journey into maturation as an artist.

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