What We Talk About When We Talk About Art

a deeper, more inclusive public conversation

For too long, public discussion around the arts has been limited to the superficial, publicity-oriented back-pages of newspapers, or ‘human-interest stories’ at the end of a news program. While few people will deny the transformative power of what artists can do – we often talk about the work in ways which reduce the potential for audiences to access it.

New Audiences is devoted to expanding this conversation – by breaking down the walls between the artist and the people whose lives they can enrich. This philosophy infuses every project undertaken – to build your audience, and empower them to talk about your work in a meaningful way.

I envision a world where the arts scene demands constant coverage on our nightly news – not as an afterthought, or niche event – but every night and every day – the vision is that our creative sector has such a profile that it’s just as much a part of the public conversation in the way that we cover current affairs, or even sport.

To do this we must develop more inclusive and empowering ways to talk about our work at a grassroots level. To build your audience, we can work together and build a broader audience for everyone.

New Audiences is not about publicity and generating short-term ticket sales- it’s about a long-term, vision based approach to creating a wider, deeper conversation about the arts, changing the world, one audience member at a time.

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